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At nerdrums we believe that marketing isn’t a one shoe fits all approach,

but more of a Cinderella story by having that beautifully crafted slipper fit perfectly on the right foot. Innovation doesn’t come from the norm of the industry but rather a pattern shift that places it above all the rest, just like creativity doesn’t come from a simple copy but by being able to visualize with precision one’s thoughts and putting it into action.

Passion + Creativity = Innovation


Evaluate. Guide. Adapt

Where are we today? Are we just squeezing by? or Are we presently adapting for the future? A playbook is meant to answer these questions and more. It is the blueprint to guide your business and marketing teams to build out a solid foundation. At nerdrums each playbook is built from the ground up; learning where you are, evaluating where you want to go and adapting to get you there. All uniquely designed for your business.

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Analyze. Lead. Achieve

Whether your business needs help with implementing a playbook, conducting a product launch, or advising on marketing team structure and functionality, nerdrums can guide you along the way. With years of experience working alongside companies of different sizes and stages, we have successfully used the approach of Analyze, Lead and Achieve to get companies to the next level. By analyzing the distinctive characteristics of your industry and business, then developing a strategy to lead your teams through and achieve the goals set for your business; this approach closes the loop.

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Marketing that makes a difference

Inspire your team and organization with workshops built to help your marketing teams think outside the box and develop top notch marketing strategies for your business.

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A La Carte Marketing Agency

Hit the ground running with an experienced Marketer 

We understand that building a marketing campaign and strategy can be a daunting task when you have a small team, or lack of experience with a large task. Nerdrums A la Carte Marketing Agency is here to help with the heavy lifting and be an experienced stand-in marketing employee. We’ll hit the ground running to reach your company goals, we’re in this together. 

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Ready to experience marketing with a purpose? Schedule a strategy session